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Early detection and a planned intervention...that's First Eyes®!



Don’t wait for PTSD to strike before taking action.


Build your own plan for early detection and intervention.


You owe it to your family, your friends and yourself.

"First Eyes" are the eyes belonging to those closest to us who may see changes in our behaviour before we see changes in ourselves.

"Experience teaches us that, when there is a crisis, the time to be looking

for answers or making decisions is before one occurs, not during one."

What is the First Eyes® Proactive Family Mental Health Program?

First Eyes® is a 4-hour virtual workshop and its goal is to minimize the impact and affect that a “mental injury or illness”, like PTSD, can have on:

  • an "at-risk" person
  • their "partner"
  • their family, and
  • their friends

With early detection and a planned intervention, the likelihood for positive outcomes in a shorter period of time is increased.

What's included in the workshop?

The workshop provides the participants (an "at-risk" person and their "partner") with:

  • clinical information about mental injuries and illnesses
  • shared real-life experiences from someone who suffers from a mental injury or illness
  • a better understanding of how mental injuries & illnesses impact relationships, families & friends
  • an open Q & A discussion period
  • a personalized "care plan" that they will create together during the workshop
  • ongoing support through our website to answer any post-workshop questions

Having a care plan that can be immediately activated in time of need can save valuable time in getting all those concerned the help and support they will need to work through the challenging times ahead.

What is a Mental Injury or Illness?

A mental injury or illness is a recognized medical condition that is a result of exposure to trauma as a function of a person’s employment.  Examples include:

  • PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)
  • OSI (Operational Stress Injury)
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • other

Who is an At-Risk Person?

This is anyone with an occupation that puts them at risk of developing a mental injury or illness.

Many believe these things only happen to first responders and military personnel, but, the fact is, they can happen to just about anyone.

Who is a Partner?

A partner is the one who the at-risk person will complete the workshop with.  It should also be the person who you see most often in your day-to-day life.

This includes any of the following people:

  • wife
  • husband
  • common-law
  • girlfriend
  • boyfriend
  • close friend
  • family member 18 years of age or older

Why are Partners included in this workshop?

Partners are included because they are most often the “first eyes” to notice when there are subtle and not-so-subtle changes in your behaviour.

A partner will also be an essential part of the care plan and may be the catalyst to activate it.

A partner may not go to work with you, but they too are at-risk of developing trauma as they will have to deal with the fallout associated with any mental injury or illness an at-risk person may experience.

Why choose First Eyes® and not some other program?

First Eyes® works with at-risk individuals and their partners before a mental injury or illness occurs, while many other programs deal with mental injuries and illnesses after diagnosis.

First Eyes® was created in an effort to save relationships, families and lives by someone who has personally experienced what a mental injury or illness is all about (view bio).

To learn more about First Eyes® or to book a workshop, please Contact us.

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