Brad McKay


Brad McKay retired in 2015 after thirty-three years of service with the York Regional Police (YRP).

In 1984, he was involved in a shooting incident that resulted in the loss of a life.  At that time, there were no formal peer support or mental health programs available at YRP, so he processed the event on his own with help from his network of family and friends.

In 1989, he co-created a trauma team to support YRP members involved in police shootings.  He transitioned this team into the York Region Critical Incident Stress Management Team in 1996.  He is an advisor to the executive and an alumni team lead.

The York CISM Team is unique and ground-breaking as a multidisciplinary team in that it supports all first responder services including police, fire, paramedic and emergency department staff.

To enhance wellness at YRP, he started the Operational Stress Injury Prevention and Response Unit in 2013; he also created the York Regional Police Peer Support Team in 2014.

As a Certified Trauma Services Specialist with ATSS, Brad has responded to and coordinated hundreds of interventions for frontline responders and their families.

Brad has been asked to appear on TV News to provide the first responder perspective.

Currently, Brad is providing clinically supervised peer support for mental health professionals in York Region and is the peer lead for a local yoga group for first responders.

Brad is proud and honoured to join Syd Gravel in co-leading the Peer and Trauma Support Systems (P.A.T.S.S.) Team.  This is a team of highly skilled, trained, experienced and professional peer and mental health experts from across Canada.  Many of these professionals have volunteered countless hours to support front- line responders.

Brad recently joined Badge of Life Canada as a senior police advisor and volunteers on two peer teams.

A family man, Brad is a community-minded energetic advocate for wellness and peer support.