O.P.P. Commissioner Chris D. Lewis (Ret`d)

Business Advisor

Chris D. Lewis became Commissioner of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) on August 1st , 2010, assuming leadership of one of North America’s largest deployed police services.

As Commissioner, he oversaw front-line policing, traffic and marine operations, emergency response and specialized and multi-jurisdictional investigations throughout the Province of Ontario, delivered through over 9,000 OPP personnel.

After joining the OPP in 1978, Commissioner Lewis amassed a wealth of operational policing experience, particularly in front-line service delivery, various investigative disciplines and tactical operations.

From 2007 until his appointment as Commissioner, Lewis served as Deputy Commissioner of Field Operations.

Lewis retired from the OPP on March 31st, 2014, but continues to lecture on leadership and policing issues across North America.

He has authored numerous articles and, in 2016, he published a book on leadership, entitled: Never Stop on a Hill, the profits from which are entirely committed to Special Olympics Ontario.

He is currently the Public Safety Analyst for the CTV Television Network, appearing regularly in local and national news stories.