Wendy Lund

BScN, MSc in Mindfulness Studies

With over 3 decades experience as a Professor of Health Studies teaching the sciences to nursing and paramedic students, Wendy understands the biology and psychology of ease and dis-ease.

For 22 years at Centennial College, Wendy was the lead science teacher and assisted in coordinating the Paramedic program.  She became increasingly curious and concerned about where in the program  1st responders were being taught how to work  skillfully with trauma and tragedy from an psychological safety point of view.

Given the burgeoning evidence that first responders are at increased risk for psychological injuries, mental health disorders, substance abuse, and shift work disorder, Wendy went back to complete a rare graduate degree where her research investigated the experience of trauma in first responders.  Even with her background, she was struck by the overwhelming evidence on how mindfulness-based interventions can promote and even mitigate the impact of adversity, stress and trauma.

Once her research was complete, Wendy retired from academia and launched Wellth Management Inc.  She trademarked one of the first proactive programs called Reach 4 Resiliency (R4R), which has been delivered to hundreds of first responders across Canada, along with corporate clients.  It's about redefining wealth and sharing what we now know about our minds.

In 2017, Wendy tweeted (@WLund100): Teaching how to manage a difficult airway saves patients lives, teaching first responders how to manage difficult emotions, saves theirs.

Wendy met Dan through the work that they are committed to share and instantly felt that their programs were uniquely positioned in the proactive space.  They share common interests and a philosophy that if we can equip first responders with the skills and wisdom of those who have suffered before us, we may be able to spare our front line workers from tremendous grief and suffering.